DV for Teachers is Back!

DV for Teachers is back! With the help of Jason Levine of www.queso.com and his Manila-to-Movable Type script, I now have all my archives and images from the old site (gone in a week or so) at the new one. There’s still housekeeping to do – several of the post titles have too much HTML sticking up here and there, and I have to fix the images I embedded in some of the posts, but the info is there, the links that haven’t rotted on their own work, and hotcha I’m excited. I hope to have those things fixed and a nice design implemented in time for the 22nd of January, the official 5th anniversary of DV for Teachers. I found out yesterday that the blogging software I use, WordPress, is about to be upgraded from 1.5.2 to 2.0 – apparently a very big deal. I’ll wait a bit, let some other brave souls debug a little, and have a really solid site that’s easy to post to, easy to look at, and fill it with good information and links. This is great.