Nice Pen-size LED Flashlight

This looks excellent:

LED flashlight – LED-LENSER V16 Pen Size Micro Flashlight

Ellen and I have started volunteering at the Fox Theatre (Allman Brothers in September…) and I need a nice flashlight for reading tickets. Ah, gadget justification. Now, I did buy the nice 2 x AAA squeezable flashlight with the nice Fox Theatre logo on it last night, our first ushering job (Bubbling Brown Sugar – the quality of the show was exceeded by the quality of singing of some of the cast). Well, I want something nicer than that, and here’s my chance. If only I can a place that will ship it for less than $10. It’s Sunday, and I can’t get the vendors on the phone and I don’t want to register at their website until I’m sure that’s where I want to buy it. I’m surprised it isnt’ more widely sold; U.S. vendors are difficulty to find.

The flashlight I want is made by ZweiBruder Optoelectronics, a German company. Some of their products are sold under the Eddie Bauer label at Target, but not the flashlight I want.